3D Laser Lipo

Beautiful results, safety, fast recovery time. Developed by Dr Bukret in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3D Laser Lipo

3D Laser Liposculpture is a high definition liposuction method developed by Dr. Bukret that permits to measure the fat in each body area by ultrasound. This technique allows performing Laser-Assisted Liposuction with great safety and efficacy.


How can I obtain a personal evaluation?

You may contact us:

A. Request a personalized treatment plan free of charge

B. By sending your pictures to drbukret@drbukret.com

C. Schedule a virtual consultation

D. Email our Office Manager Leticia Vignoli, for assistance: Lv@drbukret.com

What are the Before & After care measurements?

Before surgery recommendations:
  • Do not lose weight 2 weeks prior to surgery; on the contrary, gain some weight or maintain it, according to Doctor´s recommendations.
  • Daily exercise for at least half an hour.
  • Keep your body well hydrated by drinking enough liquids per day.
  • Take vitamins (multivitamin complex which contain Iron and Vitamin)
After 3D Laser Lipo surgery:
  • Take antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed by Dr Bukret
  • Daily walking for at least half an hour
  • Eat hyperproteic foods and abundant water
  • Use the compression garment 24/7
  • Keep the wounds clean



3D Laser Lipo

What are the most common risks or complications related to these procedures?

The most frequent complications are some bruising and inflammation that decrease after 2 to 4 weeks in most cases. Other possible complications are common to every other liposuction techniques, and must always be explained in depth by your Plastic Surgeon before your surgery.

When are the results seen and appreciated?

The results are immediately seen after surgery, although there is still an inflammation period, which can last between 1 and 3 months, according to the area treated and each patient´s recovery evolution.
The final results are appreciated after this recovery period, in which post-operative edema and inflammation progressively decrease.

3D Laser Lipo

What kind of technology is applied by using this method?

Dr. Bukret uses 980 nm diode laser equipment that has an integrated ultrasound; which allows a precise measurement of the areas to be treated.

What are 3D Laser Lipo ® main advantages?

– Safety: With an adequate laser usage and reducing the dose to the minimal effective, the collateral effects are reduced avoiding unnecessary burning.
– Fast Recovery: intraoperative bleeding decreases, which leads to reduce edemas and bruising.
– Lipolysis: which means fat cells rupture, that will be eliminated by the organism.
– Flaccidity Treatment: Laser stimulates collagen formation, which leads to progressive skin retraction until 6 months post- surgery.

How does 3D Laser Lipo work?

This method measures the fat to be irradiated in a three-dimensional way, allowing knowing exactly how much fat should be removed, and the amount of laser energy to be applied in each area in order to get the best results.

What is 3D Laser Lipo® by Dr. Bukret?

3D Laser Lipo ® is a highly accurate method developed by Dr. Bukret used to quantify fat to be treated with laser energy. This technique allows performing laser-assisted liposculpture (LAL) with greater efficacy and safety.

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Before and after ​3D Laser Lipo​scupture, and buttock augmentation with implants and fat transfer


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